Research Studies

Good Night Medical is proud to work with some of the premier sleep researchers in the country. The following research studies are currently underway.

If YOU or someone YOU KNOW is interested in participating in a research study, call NOW!  Most studies compensate for travel and time.

Please contact us toll free at 877-753-3742 or email


Bariatric Surgery Studies

If you have sleep apnea and are considering bariatric surgery, consider volunteering for a new research study.

If interested, please call 877-SLEEP-HC (877-753-3742) or email

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Night Eating Studies

Do you eat while you are asleep? If you get out of bed to eat after you have gone to sleep, you may have Sleep-Related Eating Disorder.

If you are interested in finding out more, please call 877-SLEEP-HC (877-753-3742) or email

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Sleep Apnea Studies

Sleep Apnea Studies Before CPAP

Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea and are considering CPAP? We are conducting research of sleep apnea patients before they have started CPAP to see whether conservative therapies or modifications of CPAP are effective treatments for sleep apnea. There are no drugs or invasive procedures.

Sleep Apnea Studies for CPAP Users

Patients considering alternative therapies may qualify for this study.

If interested, please call 877-753-3742 or email

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Restless Legs Studies

Achy. Twitchy. Fidgety. That’s how your legs may feel if you have Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

If interested, please call 877-753-3742 or email

Sleep Apnea and the Trucking Industry Research

Schneider TB Symposium

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